Saturday, July 10, 2010

Busy Day, Busy Minds

Every day seems to be busy in our life. But these days busy is even more the norm. When you find out you are travelling to China for two weeks, with only 7 days to prepare, you had better get busy. We are so thankful for our friend Nancy Brooks. She took our girls from us today for a while so we could get some things done. What a great church family we have. I bought him a pretty cool fitted Alabama hat and my mother-in-law found the most sought after 22 Bama jersey. I went all over town today looking for a size 6/7 Mark Ingram jersey to no avail. She grabbed one in Gadsden. We now have Brodie 6 outfits, which is probably 5 more than he currently has. We both have already began packing. (Packing for 2 weeks in China, not easy.) We bought gifts for the people in China today as well. One of our concerns about Brodie is his health. He was born with cervical meningocele. His is post-operative and all reports say that he is doing well. Full use of his arms, legs and bowels. But, medical information is not always accurate from China. Please understand, no matter what kind of physical issues he may have doesn't phase us. He is our son regardless and we will love him through any issues. We just want to know what we are facing. The Lord knows what we will be dealing with and he will give us the strength to face them. We are getting excited. Five days until we leave.


  1. Praying, praying, praying! And crying tears of joy for y'all as I read! Love you all!

  2. Bobby and I are praying travel mercies for you today! We are also praying for the girls while you are away! God is good all the time and we can not wait to hear the details about your trip and the reunion with your son!

    God bless you!