Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Day in Jinan

This morning we drove to the beautiful lake about 10 minutes from our hotel. The lake is famous in China because, according to our guide, the poets would meet here at the lake, write poetry and drink liquor. Doesn't that sound fun? It was a beautiful place with many Chinese gardens and lotus flowers. There were willow trees everywhere along with many historical markers. Afterward, Lorrie and Brodie went back to the room and I went to the Notary Public station to pick up some important documents. We had a great time visiting the Shandong Science and Technology Center. It is like the McWane center back home. There were many things that Brodie could touch and play with. The highlight was the huge play area complete with slides, ball pits, tunnels and more. We sit down and just watched him play. At one point he got into a throwing match with another little boy. Brodie was drilling this kid with the balls in the pit. I think I see pitching potential here. BTW, he is left handed when he writes and throws. As I sit there watching him play I just sit there and pondered the last 72 hours of this little guys life. Monday morning he woke up on his plywood bed (no mattress or pillow), in an orphanage behind a police station in Linyi. He was just another homeless kid whose parents were MIA and no relatives to speak of. He has never gotten a Christmas present, birthday gift, or eaten an ice cream cone. He has never been held by a mother, never been given a high five by his dad, never celebrated one stinking holiday. Every experience is brand new. He didn't want to leave the play area, he was in heaven. Lorrie and I are picking up on a few words he is using, but the language barrier is still very real and frustrating. But, something amazing is happening in Jinan, China. A little orphan boy and two people from Alabama are all becoming family. He is bonding so well, sleeping great, and so excited about everything. So thankful to Mike Gordon for taking care of our Wednesday night prayer meeting back home. Valley Creek, your pastor misses you so much. You are all so special to Lorrie and I. Can't wait to see you soon.

Fun in the city park

At the city lake and gardens.

this symbol in the middle of town is the Chinese symbol for Lake Springs. Jinan is known as the "Spring City".

The lake was spectacular

Outside the Shandong center of science and technology


  1. It's wonderful to read your messages from China. I'm sure Brodie is just as adorable and inquisitive as you describe. We miss you and your family at VCB. As far as the weight issue is concerned, my fudge and icecream will solve that problem. God bless, Bob and Nancy

  2. Hey Guys, we are so happy to hear that all is going well with you and Brodie. Love is far greater than any language barrier and as I admire your photos each day, I see a little boy's life being changed by the abundance of unconditional love flowing from your hearts. You guys are obediently reflecting the love that Jesus has shown us. I am getting teary eyed. That's enough of that! Lefty, huh? Man, every little league baseball team needs a lefty to keep their opponents honest in the field and then a strong pitching arm to boot. That's awesome! This Sunday is going to be a great day at church. 3 awesome boys being baptized, a little girl making her public profession of faith and a great mom who wants to be a member of VCBC. Love You Guys!

  3. I am crying! He is just half a year older that Cole and I can't imagine the life that little guy lived! I have been wondering if Cole would even sleep on the gym floor for camp night..The amazing love that you and Lorrie are giving him is overwhelming too me I can imagine he is about to explode. Can't wait to see how he is when he meets ALABAMA!! I thank our LORD and Savior everyday for the life and family he has given me. Praying for you all everyday..Love you both lots.

  4. The experience that these little ones had to endure is something far too hard for any of us to understand, which makes it all the more important for us to continue to advocate for the ones with no voice. Thank you for being the voice for Brodie. And I'm sure through his story, lives will be changed.

    And I'm with Steven, love overcomes any language barrier. It isn't easy, and there are times that Daisy still just looks at me like I have a monkey on my head when talking to her, but she knows she is loved, and Bordie does too. We came home with only ONE Russian word for Daisy, and that was "NO". You will be surprised at how quickly he picks up English once home, and that is all he hears.

    Continuing to pray for you all. Can't wait to see you all home!