Saturday, July 17, 2010


We are finally in Beijing. We have severed jet lag. We are 13 hours ahead of you in time. The plane ride to Beijing was so much longer than we ever imagined. I felt so sorry for the nice Chinese gentlement who had to sit next to me for the flight. Lorrie and I were sandwiched in between two nice Chinese men and things were so bunched up. That poor guy next to me had to endure my small bladder the entire way here. I bet I asked him to get up 50 times during our 13 hour flight. We left B'ham at 6:12 AM on Thursday morning and arrived here at 3:30 PM on Friday. We got to our hotel and just passed out from exhaustion. We slept from 5:30 PM to 5:00 AM. We will update you all soon, we are having trouble with out internet over here. Love you. Keep up the prayers. Going to sight see today.

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