Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monday- Jinan Day 4

Last night Lorrie and I went out for a walk around the city of Jinan. It is amazing the sheer number of people that are in China. The country will only allow families to have one child, yet there are so many people here. The city of Jinan is no where near one of the largest cities in China, yet it alone has over 7 million people. On the streets last night you really had to be about your wits. There were bicycles, motorized bikes, mopeds and people everywhere on the sidewalks. We walked to the walmart which is about a 15 minute walk from our hotel. It is so unique to see a walmart right in the middle of a large metropolitan area, but this was like no walmart we have ever seen. Two stories tall with an escalator, bottom floor was grocery items, upstairs everything else. The meat section is indescribable. We are used to seeing fish fillets on ice, they have entire stingrays on ice, squid, fish heads, and turtles. They hang ducks on hooks for your viewing pleasure. PETA would have a fit. After our visit to walmart I sent Lorrie up to our room and I went to Pizza Hut for a Peperoni pizza. It took me 30 minutes to find someone who understood that I just wanted a pizza with only peperoni's. They thought that was so funny. Finally got the meal (62 YEN) and headed upstairs. We ate the pizza, watched a movie on my laptop and we both fell asleep around 9PM. About 2:30 this morning Lorrie said,"Are you asleep?" Of course, I was not and we laid there the rest of the night talking about what our day would bring. Our son will be at our door in approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes and our life together will begin. We are very anxious as you can imagine, but we know that our church, family and friends are lifting us up to the Father. I have a peace that describes explanation. It is a dreary day here in Jinan, rain and low clouds, but I pray that our Son will brighten our day. We love you so much. Kevin and Lorrie

Not like any walmart we have ever seen.

Is that the stingray that killed the Croc hunter? Could be.

Quick everyone, duck!

The front of our hotel.


  1. It's about 10:00 here. The time must be getting close. We are thinking about you & praying for you. We're imagining what you are doing right now. How is Brodie? Is he excited that he is about to meet his forever family? We love this little boy so much but his Heavenly Father loves him more. This was His plan all along. His hand brought you and this little boy together. I am so thankful you were listening & had enough faith to trust Him. We love you Brodie Blackwell!!!! We love you too Lorrie & Kevin! Can't wait to hear good news & see pictures!!!

  2. I've been thinking of yall all day! I know there must be a lot of happy tears in China right now! There are a lot of happy tears here as well! Can't wait for the 3 of you to get back home!! Praying for ya and love ya so much! :)

  3. Reminds me of Ukraine! Didn't you just LOVE seeing all the "fresh" meats? NASTY! At least you have Wal-mart.. Ukrain didn't even have those...