Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dinner Cruise

Last night we took the Dinner Cruise on the Pearl River through downtown Guangzhou. It was a beautiful ride at night with the tall buildings lit up all around us. The "dinner" wasn't too good. On the buffet table was marinated duck feet, pig intestines, chicken parts including a whole head in the pot, other unidentifiable items that we still have questions about. We both ate rice and noodles and that is about it. Some buffet, huh? After dinner a clown came out and entertained us all. Brodie got to be a part of the show as well, his little face was so excited. Everything is such a new experience for him, it is amazing to watch. Brodie isn't the only child experiencing new things. There are 11 other children here and everyone is making great progress with their new families and their new life. One child whose hands don't work like yours and mine, but she has taken ahold of her new family with a strong grip. Another who has a cleft lip and cleft palate, but when she smiles she can light up a room. A precious little girl who has developmental issues, but she can make your day when she greets you. The stories go on and on. What a joy it has been to be around these wonderful children. They are all heros, true overcomers who refused to let disabilities define their lives. Time is running out for us here in Guangzhou, we leave for Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon.

The Pearl River Dinner Cruise. Great scenery, lousy food.

Guangzhou at night on the Pearl River.

She made the ball spin on Brodie's finger. He loved it!

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