Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday- Jinan Day 3

It is Sunday here. As I write this to you it is 4:55 PM on Sunday. We woke up this morning and enjoyed a muffin and a Caffee Mocha from Starbucks in Beijing. We then checked out of our hotel and were driven to the airport. What a great moment we had at Beijing International Airport as we rounded the corner and saw the Burger King sign!! That was a great burger. We flew from Beijing to Jinan on Shandong Airlines. The flight was about 50 minutes which seemed like nothing after our last flight from Chicago to Beijing. Everything went smoothly and we met our next tour guide at the airport in Jinan. His name is Arron. He picked us up in a early 90's model Toyota that made a terrible vibration noise and lacked cool air conditioning. The drive lasted about 1 hour. The driving here in China is crazy. Everyone has a horn and they are not afraid to use it. Best I can tell from our drive to the hotel we almost killed 22 people on bicycles and several pedestrians. Lorrie and I just sit back and say "oh my." Our hotel in Jinan is the Crown Plaza, very nice 5 star hotel. There is a pizza hut, burger king and McDonalds right across the street and a Walmart 15 minutes down the road. We were told we had to purchase a swimming cap before getting in the pool. Isn't that hilarious? You want me to cover my head so that no hair gets in the pool? 90% of my hair is not on my head. We found out that Brodie will be brought to our hotel room tomorrow at 12 noon. We are told that he knows about us, he is excited about meeting us and understands everything that will happen. Strange isn't it? They just bring him to our door drop him off and we begin our life together. So simple, yet so life changing for us all. We will get him on Monday 12 noon which will be Sunday 11PM for you. We will try to get pictures out as soon as possible. We love you all so much. I am thankful to my sister for transporting our emails to the blog. We are praying for Valley Creek Baptist Church today as they meet for worship. So thankful for my staff and their dedication.
What a great sign for our stomach

Jinan airport seems so small after being at Beijing airport. Beijing has the largest terminals in the world.

View from our hotel room in Jinan. So much construction going on.


  1. We are so excited for you!!! We pray for safe travels and can't wait to meet Brodie! Love, Madison, Morgan, Macy, Julie and Daryl Sanders

  2. Praying for y'all! Pizza Hut is really good in China. Sometimes Wal-Mart will have some Western food items. It will be better in Guangzhou.
    Can't wait to see Brodie with his family!