Thursday, July 8, 2010


I sit here tonight on my couch, family in bed, everything is quiet. I am pondering all of the questions in my mind. One week from tonight I will be somewhere over the globe heading toward China, my son, and a new life that I cannot yet wrap my mind around. What does Brodie look like today? Our last picture of him is likely a year old. Does he know we are coming? Is he excited about it? What size underwear does he wear? (Lorrie and the girls went shopping today for boy clothes. That was the question that stumped them.) How will we meet him and what will be his response? Will he come to us or will he be apprehensive? How will the language barrier affect our ability to bond? So many questions and so few answers. Yet, somehow I am at peace with such few answers. I know everything is going to work out. There are too many people praying for us. After all, God called us to this work. We did not choose adoption, God chose it for us. Why adopt a little boy from China? We are not adopting him because it is the humanitarian thing to do. We are not adopting him simply to give him "the American dream." He is a soul living among millions of other souls who have no access to the gospel. Our motivation is to love him and point him to a savior. James 1:27 commands us to reach out to the orphans. To not do that is a sin. We are doing our part. We have room, we have extra food, and yes eventually we will even have him a pair of fruit of the Looms. How could we not adopt? So many questions left unanswered, but I am resting tonight knowing that God knows all those answers already.

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  1. All of those questions will be answered soon. I too had all of those same questions, but God's plan always works out. And honestly, the language barrier wasn't ever a problem. It's almost like she already knew our language...totally a God thing. Just love on him like you do your girls, and the bond will be there... trust me.