Saturday, July 24, 2010

Clinic Visit

Today was the dreaded clinic visit. Every adoptive family loathes for this day because they know that their new baby is going to get shots. Brodie needed 3 shots and at TB skin test. We kept the cost under a thousand yen so that was great. All 11 lifeline families loaded up in a bus and off we went to Shamian island for the medical visits, and lunch. The clinic is controlled chaos, things are so crazy. There are hundreds of people with babies and kids crammed into this small medical clinic. Kids are crying, parents are frantically going from one medical station to the next, all the while trying to make sure that they have the right paper work for the right person. It is one of the most stressful atmospheres I have ever encountered. We first went to the eye exam room and it was all a little overwhelming for Brodie. He teared up for about a minute. Lorrie comforted him, but he wasn't able to complete the exam. Next we were off to the immunization room. We were bracing ourselves for the worst, but we were completely amazed at how great he did. 3 Shots and one TB test and the child never even flinched. No tears, nothing. He cries over an eye exam and doesn't flinch with needles, go figure. We know that it was due to the effective prayer warriors back home. Thanks, it is working. Next we were in the ENT room and then physical exam room and back to the eye exam. This time, he did great with the eye exam. We left the clinic with everything finished except returning Monday for the TB check. Afterward we visited Lucy's grill, a popular attraction for westerners like us. Now we are taking it easy in our room for a while. We painfully miss our girls back home. It is so great to see their sweet faces on the skype each day. We also can't wait to get Brodie home to our pediatrician and dentist, just to know that everything is OK according to them.

A picture outside the clinic

The nurses were very friendly.

About to get the shots!

Physical exam room

That is the look of relief that it is all over.

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